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Our Story

We believe that the key to living a successful life starts with an organized home. HOMIE Collection aims to provide simple, affordable, and quality home organizational tools to improve daily life.

“For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.”
Benjamin Franklin

The story of HOMIE Collection begins with its Founder & CEO, Marlee Rabin, entrepreneur and fashion veteran. Passionate about sustainability and luxury fashion, Marlee launched her first business, Ocurent, a luxury dress rental company, in 2018. Years later, the COVID-19 global pandemic wiped out most small to medium sized businesses, especially those catering to the event industry. Ocurent, along with many others, was left with a product and service with little to no demand. Like many others, Marlee decided to distract herself with a home reorganization project. Her creation of efficient home systems became more than a distraction; Marlee found her quality of life significantly improving with her new organizational methods.


As an ambitious entrepreneur, Marlee felt inspired to create a new E-commerce business model that would leverage her organizational solutions to help others improve their lives as well. After much research, HOMIE Collection was born. Marlee decided to launch the company with her first product to offer the simplest and quickest solution to organization: clear stackable bins. Firstly, Marlee felt that the transparency of the bins was an essential part of organization, as individuals can clearly and quickly see its contents. Second, the stackability allows for users to maximize their space through vertical storage. Lastly, the bins must be multi-purpose — making them BPA free and food safe was a critical component for food storage in a fridge and pantry. However, the nature of the bins allows for individuals to use them in any space that requires organization, including bathroom cabinets, office supplies, makeup, and beyond.

“By organizing our home — especially our food — we can save more money and reduce our waste.”
Marlee Rabin, HOMIE Collection Founder & CEO

HOMIE Collection’s mission is stemmed from the idea that efficient home solutions will help people save time, money and generate less waste. For example, when we can see all of the food in our fridge (or pantry), we are more likely to consume the food that we have purchased. When we cannot see our food, it is likely that items get lost, leading us to either double-purchase food or throw out perfectly good items that expired without us noticing.


HOMIE Collection intends to continue to bring forward useful, everyday home products that will help individuals live their best lives — starting in their homes.

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